Easy Ways Kids Can Earn Extra Cash This Summer

Posted on 06/18/2012

Fewer than three in 10 teenagers have landed a summer job, the lowest number since World War II. According to the Department of Labor, 14 is the minimum age for employment for non-agricultural jobs. Whether they can’t find a job, or they’re too young to work, kids can still try out their entrepreneurial side this summer and make extra cash. Here are seven easy ways kids can earn some spending money this summer.

Help an Elderly Neighbor Running errands to the grocery store, pharmacy or dry cleaners can be difficult for older folks—especially during a summer heat wave. Kids can offer to run those errands for them. Even if your teen doesn’t have a driver’s license, they can still offer to bike to the store for staples like bread and milk.

Mow Lawns
Yard work is a great opportunity for kids to earn some summer money. Taking tasks like mowing, pulling weeds and edging off a busy adult’s to-do list is definitely worth some cash.

Do you have a particularly smart youngster? Perhaps they can earn money tutoring younger classmates or offering lessons for a skill they have like singing, playing an instrument or playing soccer.

Rummage Sales, Yard Sales and Craigslist
Encourage youngsters to organize a summer yard sale to get rid of some of the family’s household clutter. Put them in charge of pricing, advertising and setting up the sale in exchange for a certain percentage of profits.

Collecting Cans
Certain states offer as much as 10 cents for an empty pop can. Kids can check out local events, fairs or parks for discarded cans. Be sure they wear gloves and use hand sanitizer if this is work they decide to take on.

Selling Produce
Kids can be great gardeners. Maintaining their backyard bounty will teach them important lessons in responsibility. Once the produce is grown, they’ll have a product to sell. They can set up a roadside stand, distribute order forms to neighbors or rent a booth at the local farmers’ market.

Online Surveys
Most kids have better computer skills than their parents. Anyone 13 or older can earn money from Cashcrate.com by completing surveys, providing opinions, signing up for free websites and trying new products. This is definitely more profitable than playing video games.

By Alison Storm

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