Saving Money on Summer Travel: Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

Posted on 05/15/2012

It’s time to put your summer getaway plans in motion. Along with nailing down a destination, organizing activities and booking transportation you’ll have to find a place to crash. Before you just assume a hotel is the way to go, you may want to consider a vacation rental.

How Long is Your Trip? Are you planning a brief weekend getaway or an extended vacation? Many vacation rentals require a minimum stay of anywhere from two to seven nights. So if you expect your trip to be quick a hotel may be the better way to go.

Are You Staying in One Spot?
Some people enjoy traveling to a destination and parking it there for the entire duration. Others like to hop scotch around and see as much as possible. If you’re not planning on exploring more than the immediate surroundings a vacation rental could be a cost-cutting option.

Would You Like to Save Money on Food?
For many travelers, food is a big part of the trip. Diving into the local culinary scene is more than a way to end hunger pangs, it’s a way to experience a community. But if you’re OK with cooking a few meals yourself or eating breakfast at home then you’ll probably enjoy the full kitchen that comes with a vacation rental.

Do You Travel Often?
If you travel frequently then perhaps you qualify for discounts at certain hotel chains. Many seasoned travelers belong to rewards programs that offer savings or points for stays. Benefits like these could make a hotel a better choice over a vacation rental.

Are You Traveling with a Large Group?
When traveling with a large group a vacation rental can definitely be a way to save money. Splitting the cost of a large property with friends and family members can lead to a significant cost savings compared to individual hotel rooms.

Do You Enjoy Feeling Like a Local?
For those that enjoy immersing themselves in the local vibe a vacation rental would be a better option. Renting a beach house or a high rise apartment suddenly makes you feel like a part of the community rather than a temporary tourist. It’s hard to feel like a local when you’re staying at the Holiday Inn.

By Alison Storm

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