How to Save Money with Pinterest

Posted on 05/02/2012

The stats surrounding virtual pinboard Pinterest are pretty astounding: over 10.4 million registered users with 11 million visits each week according to experts. It can be a great place to find recipes, drool-worthy fashion and decorating ideas. But did you know another one of Pinterest’s super powers is to help users save money?

Upgrade Cheap Furniture Want to give a custom look to your IKEA dresser or table? Pinterest can help. Search for inspiring IKEA hacks that make mass-produced particle board pieces look like custom designed creations.

Practical Free Solutions
Find free solutions to age-old household problems like chip bags that refuse to stay closed, thus allowing the contents to become stale. Instead of buying fancy chip clips, Pinterest users show how to disassemble old pant hangers in order to solve the problem.

DIY Detergent Recipe
Here’s one I tried out for myself—homemade laundry detergent recipe found on Pinterest. In about 30 minutes using ingredients I picked up at the grocery store for $7.40 I made ten gallons of liquid laundry detergent. That’s enough to clean 640 loads which is about a penny a load. Thanks Pinterest!

Passion for Dining In
Many people are putting down their cookbooks and flipping through Pinterest search results for culinary inspiration. Find recipes for everything from Olive Garden knock-offs to healthy chicken dishes by doing a quick Pinterest search. It may just give you a revived passion for eating in rather than dining out.

Chic Hairstyles at Home
Pinterest can also help you avoid the salon by providing free step-by-step tutorials on fun ways to style your hair. Learn how to do braids and buns like a pro.

Pin Instead of Shop
Have the urge to shop? Try pinning instead. Peruse fashion pinboards for styling ideas on how to revamp items already in your closet for fresh looks. No fitting rooms or snarky mall employees to mess with either.

By Alison Storm

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