Facebook and Twitter Poll: What Baby Gear Turned Out to be a Waste of Money?

Posted on 05/17/2012

College tuition costs might freak out parents, but newborns aren’t exactly easy on the wallet either. According to MSN Money, the first year of a child’s life runs between $9,000 and $11,000 on average. So we wanted to know—what baby gear turned out to be a waste of money? Here’s what you told us on Facebook and Twitter.


Liza Payne Jones: The crib bumper. Looks super cute and I spent more money than I should've -- then learned it could lead to suffocation if the baby rolls up against it in the night.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister: A changing table. Just put one of those changing pad things to put on top of the dresser!

Jordana Megonigal: Changing table/pad. We always layed down a blanket and changed em where we could catch 'em. ;)

Talita Balbino Araujo: Many!!! Lol

Starr Hammond: The diaper genie, bathtub sitting ring, and elaborate huge stroller. Wish I had that money now for their college. *lol*

Randy Hansen: I agree with the diaper genie. Nothing there that a plastic shopping bag and a couple of quick spins won't take care of. Also, those slings that carry the baby across the front were of no use to us. Also, the cheap umbrellas strollers are so small, I had to hunch over all of the time so my 6'4" frame could push the darn things.

Brenda Covert: I think the biggest waste of money in our household was the crib mattress -- we got a waterbed one that was supposed to be soothing. I think babies are just fine with a regular mattress. But we were new to parenting, and it seemed like a good idea at the time ...

Jenel Shumate: Honestly nothing so far, but it’s because we had heard that a lot of these were wastes of money, such as : diaper Genie, wipe warmer, bottle sterilizer, changing table. Another thing that we bought but haven't used is a crib. We bought a Pack ‘n Play that came with a bassinet and changing table, it has everything we need, and its right next to my bed.

Allison Forrer Stevenson: Definitely the wipe warmer and elaborate, bulky stroller!! I hated the stroller!!

Brandi Buice Minter: The bassinet was a waste; thin mattress and very uncomfortable for the baby. I liked the wipe warmer the first couple of months. Our babies cried when using cold wipes as newborns, and our little boy sprayed if you wiped him with a cold wipe! By 4 months, it is obsolete. Just borrow one!

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: I remember Beck actually grew out of newborn diapers before I could use a whole pack! So don't buy a lot of diapers up front.


@ShawnRJones1: The huge highchairs. Just get the portable ones that are adjustable and strap to any seat.

: A lot of the use-once-and-toss stuff like disposable wash clothes

@loveAmyx:Tomy Sleepcurve Mattress. It is a tummy sleeper but also now I think it was very overpriced at 3x that of a standard crib mattress.

@LaadyZeroSalina:Wipe Warmer!!! It wasn't expensive at all but it was def a waste!!

@TiaMowry: Newborn clothes. They grow out of them so fast!!!!

@ kueinla: Infant clothes are a total waste...

By Alison Storm

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