The Biggest Gas Saving Scams and Myths

Posted on 04/25/2012

A car that runs on water? Turning cooking oil into fuel? The pain at the pump can make drivers buy in to some unusual methods for saving money on gas. But before you do make sure you conduct your own research. You could end up spending more of your hard earned money on a gas saving scam like these.

Water-Fueled Cars
Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill you gas tank from the water hose? Some patents and news articles claimed a device could pull energy from water to power automobiles, but the devices ended up being tied to investment frauds.

Filling Your Tank in the Morning
CNN reports that this is a major myth. Some people believe that in the morning gas will be cooler and therefore denser, but experts say the temperature varies so little during the day you won’t be getting any more molecules for your money.

Gas Saving Additives
Gas Saver Liquid promises more mileage for your money by helping your car burn and utilize fuel completely. Five bottles can be yours for just $12.50. But not so fast—the Federal Trade Commission warns consumers to be wary of gas-saving claims like these. Even though some of these additives may work, the FTC says it’s not enough to offset the cost of the product in the first place.

Turning Off the Engine at Stoplights
If you drive a hybrid, your car likely does this automatically. But for normal vehicles repeatedly stopping and restarting your engine probably won’t save you any gas. In fact, it could needlessly wear down your battery and starter, creating expensive repairs.

Air Intake Booster
They have names like the Turbonator, Spiral Max or Cyclone FuelSaver and according to product claims they improve an engine’s fuel combustion which is supposed to boost your horsepower without using more gas. But some customers say they didn’t see an improvement in horsepower or fuel economy which means they spent about $50 on a gadget that didn’t do anything but lighten their wallet.

By Alison Storm

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