Simple Ways to Save Money on Spring Planting

Posted on 04/03/2012

Green thumb or not gardening can be a relaxing and fruitful activity. But a trip to the local gardening super center can be a costly venture. Whether you’re whipping your yard into shape or starting a veggie garden, here are tips to help you save money on spring planting.

Buy Seeds, Not Plants Seed packets are much cheaper than plants. And while they require more patience, they also require much less money. So try your hand at starting your plants from the very beginning.

Don’t Waste Your Waste
You may be paying for pricey fertilizer or top soil when you don’t need to be. Try starting a compost pile in a corner of your yard. Throw in everything from yard clippings to coffee grounds and create a rich fertilizer for free. You could even score some free pallets and make your compost bin using free materials with the guidance found on

Clone Plants
Geraniums, asters, roses and hydrangeas are all perfect candidates for cloning. Take a clipping from your friend or family member’s yard (with permission of course) and use the tips provided at

Use Free Water
Plants require water and for most people water costs money. Although it may not seem like much under normal usage circumstances, when you start pumping water into your yard your bill could go up. Instead of paying for water, harness mother nature by using a rain barrel. Check out how easy it is to make one of your own at

Divide and Conquer
If you’ve got some thriving plants in your yard already you may want to divide them to spread out in other areas of your property. Check out this video from Better Homes and Gardens to ensure you do it correctly. When done properly it won’t hurt the plant and it’s a free way to turn one plant into two.

By Alison Storm

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