Jetting Off: Airline Savings Secrets

Posted on 04/13/2012

You’re probably feeling the pinch at the pump and airlines are no different. According to Airlines For America, fuel is the largest single expense for airlines, accounting for about one-third of their budgets. So when the cost of fuel goes up your ticket price could too. If you plan to jet off this spring or summer, consider these airline savings secrets.

Shop With a Guarantee Sites like and offer price guarantees. For instance, Expedia’s Best Price Guarantee says that if you find a cheaper trip within 24 hours of booking they’ll refund the difference and give you a travel coupon worth $50. Even airlines like Alaska Airlines have similar promises.

Know the Sale Schedule
Grocery stores, big box chains and pharmacies all start sales on certain days of the week. Airlines are no different. According to the pros, new sales start on Monday night so if you want the best selection and price try shopping early on Tuesday.

Enlist Your Smartphone
Stop pouring over flight itineraries. Instead let the free FareCompare When-to-Fly Airfare Alerts app do it for you. Up to six times a day it will alert you about deals on flights you’re interested in so you can be first in line for the cheapest flights to your favorite destinations.

Fly on Off Days
According to airline insiders the cheapest days for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. You’ll save a few bucks if you can travel on these days rather than the other four.

Buy Now
If you know you’ll be going somewhere, you probably won’t want to wait to snag a ticket. Experts are predicting an even bigger increase in gas prices to it’s likely that the more fuel prices go up, the more you’ll pay for your ticket. USA Today recently reported that Southwest Airlines increased fares by $4-$10 to offset fuel costs. JetBlue jumped $10 for domestic flights. And as we’ve seen with baggage fees, when one airline does it, the others will soon follow.

By Alison Storm

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