How to Avoid the High Costs of Distracted Driving

Posted on 04/12/2012

The driver next to you might be plucking her eyebrows. The guy in the truck could be updating his Facebook status. About every 24 seconds there is a crash involving a cell phone, according to the National Safety Council. While the vast majority of drivers agree that texting or emailing while driving is unacceptable, one-third admitted doing it during the last month. Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month here are ways to avoid the high costs of losing focus on the road.

Join a Free Distracted Driving Webinar If an employee uses a cell phone while driving and gets in a crash, their company can be held liable. Experts say that employers need to have cell phone policies that protect their employees, the public and their bottom line. The National Safety Council invites you to a free webinar on the topic on April 25 from 1-2pm CST. Sign up at

Take the Distracted Driving Pledge
Cell phone use is involved in about one in four car crashes. The National Safety Council is asking the public to take a pledge to drive distraction-free. Thousands die needlessly because of cell phone use while driving so take a stand to put a stop to it. Then share on their Facebook page why you decided to take the pledge.

Sign Up for tXtBlocker
With tXtBlocker you can block phone usage and texting while driving. Using a GPS, tXtBlocker can tell where your phone is and how fast it’s moving so when it determines you’re driving, certain capabilities are disabled. Prices start at $6.99 a month for the service.

Spread the Word Through Social Media
Find ready-made tweets and Facebook status updates at Copy and paste them so that your friends, fans and followers know you are serious about taking a stand against distracted driving.

Have Text Message Read Aloud
Don’t take your eyes off the road or your fingers off the wheel. The newest Smartphones have Siri to help, but those that don’t can also download the free app. It reads text messages aloud and responds without drivers having to touch the phone at all. That way you can stay connected without getting distracted.

By Alison Storm

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