Hidden Freebies at Your Local Library

Posted on 04/03/2012

April is a great time to head outside with a blanket and a book. Maybe that’s why April is designated as School Library Month and National Library Week falls April 8-14. You already know your library is a great place for free books, DVDs and music, but there may be more freebies for you to check out than you realize.

Free Language Conversation Practice Want to work on your Spanish? Is English your second language? Rather than fork over funds for a pricey tutor, check out what your library has to offer. Many libraries, including those in Arlington, Virginia, offer free conversation practice groups.

Free Book Clubs
Book clubs are a fun way to share your passion for reading with others. Lots of libraries offer free book clubs for anyone with a library card. For instance, in Memphis every branch has at least one book club and meeting times vary so there’s a good chance one will fit with your schedule.

Free Resume Help
Millions of Americans are on the hunt for a job. If your resume is rusty find free feedback and guidance at your local library. In Virginia drop-ins are welcome and a library employee will sit at the computer with you and guide you through creating a resume.

Free Chess Classes
Want to learn the difference between a Pawn and a Rook? Your local library may have the answer and you won’t have to pay anyone to learn. In San Jose, California kids are invited to a six-week summer course to learn about Chess. In DC there are Chess classes all week long for players of all ages.

Free Computer Classes
If the computer still maintains a sense of mystery, head to your library to learn skills including how to start a blog, manage your Facebook page or use Excel. Local libraries across the country offer classes like these free of charge. For instance, in Austin, Texas you can sign up for a 90 minute course on how to create and customize blog. These are all great skills to have, especially if you can learn them for free.

Free Air Conditioning
The library is a cool place to spend a hot day. If you don’t feel like turning your own air conditioning on yet, head to the library where it’s always comfortable and cool. You’ll save on energy costs by spending the heat of the day in the climate controlled environment of the library.

By Alison Storm

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