Free Ways to Support World Health Day

Posted on 04/11/2012

April 7 marks the 64th anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization. On that day the world is invited to come together to celebrate World Health Day. The focus of this year’s events will be on how good health throughout life can help older people live fuller and more productive lives. Here are ways you can support this initiative without spending money.

Download Free Posters Promote healthy living in your office or school by downloading and printing free posters for World Health Day 2012. The series of posters feature older people from around the world enjoying life through healthy activities like dancing, walking and even bungee jumping.

Find Out Your Real Age
Your birth date may say you’re one age, but your health could say something entirely different. Take the free RealAge test at Developed by experts including Dr. Oz, you’ll find out the difference between your real age and your calendar age. They’ll also provide action plans for getting healthier and growing younger.

Show Support on Social Media
By 2020 the Americas will have 200 million older people. That’s nearly double of the older population in 2006. Join the movement to add life to your years by supporting World Health Day through Twibbon. Download a free graphic that will be overlaid on your Twitter avatar.

Track Legislation Impacting Older Americans
From Medicare changes to senior program funding cuts, there are many legislative issues impacting older Americans in Washington. Read up on the position of the National Council on Aging and consider signing up for their email list.

Start Saving for Retirement
No matter what age you are, it’s a good time to focus on saving for retirement. Check out the AARP’s free Retirement Calculator to figure out how much you’ll need and how much you should start setting aside. Because while aging is inevitable, being broke doesn’t have to be.

By Alison Storm

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