Free Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Administrative Assistant

Posted on 04/23/2012

Administrative professionals can be what keep your office running smoothly. They often manage budgets, prepare reports and ensure that the supply closet is adequately stocked. So don’t let April 25, also known as Administrative Professional’s Day, pass by without saying thanks to these hard working employees.

Send a Free eCard Since Administrative Professional’s Day falls so closely to Earth Day no one will blame you for sending an eCard rather than a paper one. Choose from a variety of styles and sentiments at

Offer More Time Off
Living without your Administrative Assistant for a full day may seem impossible. So why not offer them an extended lunch break or an extra hour at the end of the day? The additional free time will make this holiday more special than the other four work days in the week.

Make a Homemade Treat
Brownies, cupcakes and cookies are almost universally appreciated. Bringing in some fresh-baked treats in honor of your Administrative Assistant is a sweet gesture that will let the entire office know just how much you value their hard work.

Brag Publicly
There’s something really nice about having someone talk you up to others. Social media like Twitter and Facebook make this even easier now. At least one time during the day say nice things about your assistant. The word will surely get back to her.

Take Something Off Their Plate
Because an Administrative Professional’s job is so demanding a great way to say thanks is by taking one of their responsibilities off their to-do list. If you want to be really nice—choose the one that they likely dread most. It may not be in your job description, but it’s an easy and free way to let them know you appreciate their commitment to the position.

Say Thank You
It sounds so simple but those two little words can make a huge difference in someone’s day. Take the time to really express your gratitude. Knowing your hard work is getting noticed can often motivate you to work even harder!

By Alison Storm

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