Affordable Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Posted on 04/23/2012

Here’s a scary fact—the leading causes of unintentional injury-related death for infants are suffocation, car crashes, drowning, fire or burns, falls and poisoning. Every year about 2.5 million little ones are killed or injured from common household dangers, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The goal of Safe Kids Week, celebrated from April 21-28 this year, is to educate adults about how to keep all kids safe at home and at play. Thankfully making your home baby proof doesn’t have to be expensive.

Get Down on All Fours To really know what risks your home holds you need to look at it from a baby’s perspective. Get down on all fours to get a baby’s-eye-view on things. Remove anything breakable or that could become a choking hazard.

Install a Baby Gate
Keep baby corralled into areas that are completely safe with the help of a baby gate. Put them at the top or bottom of stairways to prevent falls. Brand new baby gates are just $14.50 at, which is a small investment for protecting your priceless little one.

Use the Toilet Paper Roll Test
Wondering if something is a choking hazard? Take an empty toilet paper roll and put your knick knacks to the test. If the item fits through the roll there’s a chance baby could choke on it. Keep it up high or locked away.

Turn Down Your Water Heater
Baby’s skin is super sensitive. Even though you like those steamy hot showers, that water could quickly burn delicate skin. Turn your hot water heater down to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll reduce the chances of scorching baby.

Cover Up Outlets
Electrical outlets can seem like fun for inquisitive toddlers. Button up this opportunity for injury with outlet covers. Score 36 of them for just $1.75 at, a savings of 91%.

Keep Emergency Numbers Programmed
If something bad does happen—be prepared by having emergency numbers on hand. Keep them programmed into your cell phone or posted on the fridge so you can reach your pediatrician, poison control and any other important people in an emergency. But with preparation, hopefully you won’t ever need to.

By Alison Storm

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