5 Reasons to Consider Walking to Work

Posted on 04/04/2012

The average commute to work for Americans is 25.1 minutes and while walking to work may take extra time there are plenty of benefits to it. The first Friday in April is National Walk to Work Day. The American Podiatric Medical Association supports the initiative and here are five reasons why you should too.

Fewer Trips to the Gas Station There’s no tank to fill or parking to pay for when you walk to work. But if you want to find out just how much money you’ll be saving head to commuteinfo.org and use their Commute Cost Calculator. Answer a few questions about your drive to work and you’ll find out how much that commute is really cutting into your monthly budget.

Time to Unwind and Reflect
Walking to work will probably take you longer than driving there. In fact experts suggest giving yourself 20 minutes for every mile of distance. While you may think you’re too busy to add this into your schedule, consider this. You’ll be knocking out your daily workout and be giving yourself time to unwind. Walking is a great stress-reliever which will help improve productivity and focus in other areas of life.

Improved Health
According to a study cited in Runners World, the Amish take about six times as many steps per day as adults in most American communities, and have about 87% lower rates of obesity. Use HealthDiscovery.net’s free calorie calculator to find out how many you’re actually burning during your walking commute. Walking can mean fewer sick days and less money spent at the doctor’s office or pharmacy.

Less Money for Maintenance
The more you use your car the more you’ll likely need to spend on maintenance like oil changes, new tires and air filters. If you’re walking to work you can spread out those trips to the repair shop, saving you money on auto maintenance.

Helping the Environment
According to experts, vehicles are the largest contributors of CO2 and other greenhouse emissions. On average, a vehicle pollutes .04 pounds/mile during its commute. By hoofing it you’ll be doing your part to decrease your carbon footprint and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

By Alison Storm

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