Twitter and Facebook Poll: Will You Spend or Save Your Tax Refund?

Posted on 03/02/2012

While you may dread tax season, getting your refund can be fun. Some people bank it, some people blow it, but judging by our latest Facebook and Twitter poll, many of you plan to do a little bit of both.

Facebook Lindsey Holder: I'll be using it to help power wash my new house...exciting, right? Lol Stephanie Storm-Robertson: No refund this year. But I usually spend it. The timing is close the when property taxes are due and the money just evaporates.

Alanna Klapp: Spend.....sigh. But we really need a new couch.

Katy Patterson: I'll be using mine to make it without a paycheck from June to September.

Karen Bourne: Probably spend. There are always long standing accounts that could be closed, especially as retirement is fast approaching.

Noelle Elizabeth Kachinsky: Get a massage, pay down debt!

Marisa Ramos: Spent! I'm adding a bedroom and a bath.

Lori Camiolo: Throwing it on our student loan. Not sure which category you want to count that as. :) Trying to knock out the loan so we can move on to the next baby step! :)

Gail Everett: We seldom have a tax return--we do our savings throughout the year in the local credit union, not with the IRS. But my daughter is going to get major repairs on their van with their return.

Brenda Covert: Freelancers don't get refunds. But I can tell you what my daughter is doing with her first ever refund from her first ever job! I helped her file online, and she chose to have it direct-deposited into her savings acct. :-)

Julian Loue: Both. Home improvements and savings.

Talita Balbino Araujo: Already spent!! Lol! Just remodeled my bathrooms ;)

Molly Gildemeister Sorensen: Save... We are putting our refund in the kids' college savings account. It's a win/win because we can use the contribution for next year’s deductions! :-)

Rhiannon Wells: Get some much needed smaller items and save the rest!

MaryGrace Godfrey: I'll be saving now for a trip to South Africa in October!!


@jennparker06: We did both! Split it right down the middle: spent half, saved half.

@omgItsTiffDuh: I will be saving mine. I have a wonderful Bahamas trip planned for July, so I am going to save it to use there.

@BresBaubles: We are planning to buy a mattress with our return.
@lkrainey: Save 80%, Donate 10%, Spend 10%.
@aaronmoller: Not getting much back, but definitely saving!

By Alison Storm

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