Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Are Gas Prices Impacting You?

Posted on 03/15/2012

If your trips to the pump seem to be getting more painful by the day you’re not alone. According to AAA, the current national average for a gallon of Regular Unleaded gas is $3.82. That’s about $.30 higher than a month ago and $.27 higher than a year ago. As summer approaches some experts are predicting prices could go even higher, possibly surpassing the high of $4.11 set in July of 2008. We wanted to know how rising gas prices are impacting the rest of your life. Here’s what you told us through Facebook and Twitter.


Jodee German Moffett: I try to do less frivolous driving. I try to wait and go to a store or place when I know I will be in that place anyway. What people forget is the price of gas does not just effect driving it makes the price of everything especially food go up.

Melissa Lanzourakis-Joens: High gas prices give me a good butt because I start riding my bike to work.

Dodie Shahan Brice: We are not able to visit my Dad as much as we would like. It is approximately 30 miles round trip to see him. That equates to about ten in fuel cost. We live in a rural area and have to make that same trip for groceries, supplies and medical care. So instead of making a special trip just to check on him we have to schedule our visits to coincide with our twice a month shopping trips.

Tonya Kirk-Christopher: As gas prices are reaching close to $4.50/gallon out here in California I am starting to carpool to work with co-workers .

Rhiannon Wells: I haven't been able to go to Michigan to visit my family.

Lori Davenport: I just bought a diesel VW Passat. 60-70mpg on the road... and 30-40 in town. Diesel cost me about .10-.15 more per gallon. Also was Car and Driver car of the year as it runs on fairly green clean fuel. Most of the European cars run on diesel. We are always behind the times in the states.

Jerry Tollison: I bought a Prius last year (50 mpg) but still am feeling the impact. My Mom is in a nursing home in Greensboro, NC (400 mile round trip) and I am having to reduce the number of trips I make to see her.

John Verstraete: Well luckily my family has fuel-efficient cars and short commutes, but it still adds to our monthly expenses. So we're trying to group up trips more, and just generally be a bit more frugal. We're trying to pay down all our debt, and rising expenses slows that progress.

Mary Sorenson-Ludwig: I am not making trips to town, 8 miles to the closest, or 30 for a city, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I'm also looking at carpool for my 20 mile drive to work.

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: I work from home so the only effect is less fun trips and errands. I am also collecting gas discount points at my grocery store to save 10 - 30 cents per gallon.


@KarenSolomons: I have a long commute (70 mi/day). The only thing to do is penny-pinch in other areas and pray for prices to decline.
@GilGerretsen: I feel quite fortunate because the fluctuations in gas prices don't make much real difference for me. However, I am more aware.
@KCBolt: My new house is semi-far out of town so it def impacts me. I love my house but I fill up on gas more than the average person. It definitely makes me try to prioritize my day in terms of where I travel so I don't spend more time driving than I need to.
@mazza_pete: Honestly, they really aren't affecting me. I use mid-grade. I also use the Gas Buddy app to help me find the cheapest prices.
@JonASpencer: Well, I'm riding my motor scooter (65 mpg) more, even on some cold days. Electric gloves help.

By Alison Storm

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