Top Tips to Boost Your iPad 2 Trade-In for an iPad 3

Posted on 03/07/2012

For Apple fans, the anticipation of the iPad 3’s arrival is palpable. According to you can earn around $300 for your iPad 2 using trade-in services like Nextworth, BuyMyTronics and eBay. That’s a good chunk of change to put towards your new iPad 3 when it becomes available to the general public.

Research Your Options Trade-in sites offer estimates to help you gauge how much money you can get for your old iPad 2. For instance, a black 16GB WiFi in like new condition will fetch $291.89 at Meanwhile, that same iPad 2’s trade-in value at is $267. So do your research and find out where you can get the most cash.

Lock in a Trade-In Price Early
The closer we get to the iPad 3 launch date, the less money you’ll be able to get for your iPad 2 when trading it in. Many services offer the ability to lock in a trade-in price and that offer is good for several weeks. In fact Gazelle offers a 30-day price guarantee. By locking in a price early you are likely to get more money for your trade-in.

Search for the Box
Having the original packaging for your iPad 2 will help you get more money. In fact, at the box is valued at about $10.

Don’t Get Personal
While getting your iPad engraved may seem like a fun way to personalize it that is a quick way to decrease the gadget’s value. You’ll get as much as $40 less for your iPad just because it’s engraved.

Protect Your iPad
With the magnitude of iPad case options available it’s hard to believe that some people still carry their iPad around without a cover. Keeping it protected from dings and scratches will help you when it comes to trade in your tablet. Dents and scratches are one of the quickest ways to deplete your iPad’s value.

Consider Selling to a Friend
Instead of selling your iPad 2 to a big company like Amazon, Radio Shack or Gazelle, you could also try to find a local buyer. Since these companies plan to resell your iPad 2 they need a larger profit margin. If you sell it to someone yourself you may be able to pocket more of the money for yourself.

Follow iPad 3 News
There could be a potential spike in iPad 2 values right after the next generation of iPads are announced. But you’ll have to pay close attention to iPad related news so that you are aware of when that spike is happening. Apple tends to be pretty tight lipped about new product launches so follow trusted sources and you’ll be at the head of the iPad 2 trade-in pack.

By Alison Storm

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