Free April Fools Pranks to Pull with Your Smartphone

Posted on 03/28/2012

Foolishness is fair game on April 1 thanks to April Fools’ Day. Enlist the help of your Smartphone to pull off some seriously funny pranks. And don’t worry—these are all done with the help of free iPhone apps.

Pin Flatulence on Someone Else Use the free iFart Mobile Lite app to create some uncomfortable moments on April 1. Choose from a library of fart noises. Or use the app as a security device so when someone picks up your iPhone, the chosen sound effect is blasted.

Create a Fake Conversation
Sell your kidney or provide spot-on surgical instructions over the phone with the help of the free Fake Conversation app for the iPhone. Set audio scripts will help you pull off this practical joke. Just make sure you use your speaker phone so everyone around you can hear.

Trick Co-Workers with iPhone Technology
The iPhone can do just about anything so it may not be hard to get your friends and co-workers to believe it can take x-rays—especially not after you download the free Amazing x-ray FX Lite app. X-ray your arms from your fingertips to your elbow with this free, realistic app.

Change Your Voice
Leave weird and wacky voicemails for your loved ones with the help of the Voice Changer Plus app. It’s free and provides 40 voices to choose from including underwater, mouse and whisper.

Establish a Fake Celebrity Text Conversation
Have friends and co-workers believing Barak Obama is asking for your input or that you had a drink with John Mayer last night using the free Fake-A-Message app. The app lets you choose the name of the person sending the fake text and provides up to 50 fake scripted responses for your phony conversation. Pretty soon you’ll be the topic of conversation at the water cooler.

By Alison Storm

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