Free and Cheap Ways to Sleep Better

Posted on 03/05/2012

Many of us covet more quality time with our mattress. And since National Sleep Awareness Week falls from March 5-11 now is the time to focus on the importance of shut eye. We’ll all lose one hour of sleep this weekend with the arrival of Daylight Saving Time so it’s best that we make the most of our rest with these free and cheap ways to sleep better.

Relax with Free Yoga Many yoga lovers swear by the effects restorative yoga can have on your sleep. Try out a free online class like the Evening Restorative Flow class at They promise you’ll fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling rejuvenated and energized.

Sleep Inclined
According to medical professionals, a major cause of poor sleep is acid reflux. If you suffer from this one free method of relief is to sleep inclined with your body at a slight angle. You can do this by propping an extra pillow or two under the top half of your body.

Avoid Eating Before Bed
Another cause of sleep-disturbing conditions like acid reflux has to do with diet. Doctors say it’s best to stop eating well before bedtime. Avoid consuming food at least three to four hours before lying down to sleep. This could help keep stomach enzymes at bay.

Don’t Bring Work to Bed
There are only two activities reserved for your bed, and neither involves your computer. Experts say doing work from bed can give your body mixed signals so when it comes time for sleep, your body gears up for work. So if you need to use your laptop do it somewhere else.

Create a Relaxation Routine
The same method that tends to work for rambunctious toddlers can also work for adults. Create a wind-down routine that lets your body know bedtime is approaching. Include activities like reading, listening to relaxing music or sipping on tea. Get started by choosing up to two free samples of loose leaf tea at

Turn Off the Distractions
For many of us, our nightly routine includes watching TV, checking email, surfing the web, and plenty of other activities leading to information overload. We then hit the hay and wonder why our minds are having trouble slowing down. Experts advise turning off the distractions an hour before bed and allowing your brain time to wind down. That way you’ll wake up feeling refreshed instead of fatigued.

By Alison Storm

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