Apps to Help You with Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Posted on 03/19/2012

Whip your home into shape with the help of your Smartphone. Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about tackling spring cleaning. Thankfully there are now apps to help you get the job done. You won’t be able to put away the mop and bucket, but at least you can be more high tech in your approach.

Housekeeping from Howcast Home is where the heart is—but it may also be where your cluttered kitchen, stuffed hamper and jam packed junk drawer are. The Housekeeping app from Howcast offers a $.99 solution. It provides 170 videos featuring home cleaning tips to help you conquer spring cleaning room-by-room.

Green Shine
Despite what cleaning product manufacturers want you to believe, a few basic ingredients can actually help you clean your entire home. The Green Shine app, $2.99, will give you eco-friendly cleaning solutions for every room in your home. For less than the price of a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner you’ll get environmentally safe solutions for 128 everyday housekeeping tasks.

Chore Checklist
For $1.50, the Chore Checklist app will help you manage chores at home by recording completion and calculating when you need to do a chore again. You can also set up reminders for chores or set up a pre-loaded checklist such as “Daily Routine,” “Weekly Routine” or “Monthly Routine.”

Housework doesn’t have to suck. That’s the claim of the HomeRoutines app. With the help of this $3.99 app give yourself a daily focus or goal and review what you got done at the end of the day. You can also manage areas of your home by zones and create recurring chores for each section.

SpringClean for Gmail
Your home probably isn’t the only place that could use a little organization. Tackle your overflowing inbox with the help of SpringClean for Gmail, a $3.99 app. The app will reveal who’s sending you the most unwanted mail, then help you swipe them away so you’ll never be bothered again.

Want to get your kids involved with spring cleaning? Then the iRewardChart app can help. It’s $3.99 in the iTunes store. It’s been honored for two years in a row as the best parenting app because it not only tracks your child’s chores, but it helps you set up a custom rewards system tailored for your child. With any luck, they’ll look forward to spring cleaning even if you don’t.

By Alison Storm

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