Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Would You Spend a $336.4 Million Powerball Win?

Posted on 02/21/2012

Someone in Rhode Island is one of the luckiest people on the planet. That person is holding the winning lottery ticket—a slip of paper worth $336.4 million ($210 million after taxes.) So far no one’s stepped forward for the third largest jackpot in history. So we thought it would be fun to dream a little bit—and apparently so did you. We received lots of feedback through Twitter and Facebook when we asked how you would spend the prize.

Facebook Toni Coleman Auston: Well now! Let's see. #1, give a donation to charity. #2, start a college fund for high school seniors. #3, build a new house. #4, go on a long vacation. That's all for starters.

Dodie Shahan Brice: Donate, donate, donate! Wow it would be so awesome to be able to help so many organizations.

Jay Handler: ‎1. Pay off all debt. 2. Pay cash for EVERYTHING for the rest of my more interest!!! 3. Set up a Non-Profit that helps the homeless get their lives back. 4. Invest the rest!

Laurie Elmore Thompson: I would probably keep three million to take care of my personal needs and medical bills, one million for my ministry to accomplish my future goals of CD productions and books to publish, then the remainder would go towards helping with physical needs and spiritual needs in the world. I would research to find out which people groups had the greatest needs in regards to infrastructure and education and contribute to that but also research Christian ministries that are thinking outside the box to reach the world with the truth of Jesus Christ. I would want to support such efforts.

Rebecca Tomlinson: I would travel to different countries and take care of and play with all the little orphans at the orphanages that don't even get talked to or looked at. I hope to someday go do that. I would also pay off all our debt and pay for my parents to keep our house and never have to work again. And I would get a puppy.

Brenda Covert: I would drop dead from shock because I don't play games with my money.

Susan Harris Pottberg: I would give a lot of it away--to Miracle Hill and friends and family who have special needs. I would set up trust funds for my grandchildren and then I would pay off my bills and do some traveling.

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: I would buy my family all houses on the same block, vacation a lot more often, try to do some good and change people's lives. I'd spend more time with loved ones and less time working.

Karen Bourne: I cannot imagine spending that much money. I would give about half to Godly charities and then help out people who need it.

Rusty Stafford: Give most of it away. Help my friends and family and use it for outreach.

Desiree Ruhrer: Pay off all my debt along with my mom and sister’s debt. Then I'd buy a house in the country with tons of land to build shelters for all of the animals in need to stay at while waiting for their forever homes. Donate a good portion to the animal shelter and to the rescue I volunteer for. Can't forget that I would take my family on an amazing vacation to spend quality time together!

Kelly Langford: Donate, pay off debt, invest for college and retirement, help our parents and siblings with finances, and travel!

Patricia McCorkle Crandall: I would first give a quadruple tithe to the church! I would then pay off every family member, extended family members and friends debts. I would then survey charities to contribute to. Essentially, I would give it all away!!

@KatieMullinax: I'd pay off student loans, buy a house & car, give to charities, help family, invest, save and travel and indulge A LOT.

@AndrewCPKelley: Start a NPO, apply for 501(c)3, donate 100% of the money and then start investing in socially beneficial projects for a living.

@Savvyassistants: Pay off student loans/create women non-profit for helping them start a small business.

@Fraukuech: I'd use some of it to upgrade all my photography equipment and buy a cute little studio in the arts district.

@Inspired_D: I wouldn't change a thing! I'd still go to school... but I would be debt free!!!

@russelldunkin: Become a full time runner! Oh, and pay off the debts of my family and closest friends.

@WSAVTuquyen: Buy bigger house for us & one for my parents. Quit job & start volunteering for local charities, help people in my community.

@BizTrek: I would start a foundation and travel to speak about the Emerging Employment Revolution and the rebalancing of work.

By Alison Storm

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