Free and Cheap Apps to Help You Plan and Enjoy a Spring Break Getaway

Posted on 02/28/2012

Before you stress out over planning the perfect spring break, turn to your Smartphone for help. There are apps to assist you with every aspect of planning—from managing expenses with friends to finding the most affordable food at your destination.

Kayak App The free Kayak app is a great place to start your spring break trip planning. Compare flights, hotels and rental car prices to get the cheapest travel deals possible. Once you book you can also check your flight status and look up baggage fees.

Trip Splitter App
Chances are you’re not traveling alone over spring break. But don’t let money worries put a damper on your travel plans. Use the Trip Splitter app, $1.99, to help you track and divide all expenses from lawn chair rentals to concert tickets.

Yelp App
This free Yelp app will direct you to everything from the closest burrito joint to the best place to shop for sunglasses. It’s incredibly helpful when you find yourself in a community you don’t know much about—which will probably happen during spring break.

AroundMe App
Don’t waste precious spring break minutes trying to find a gas station, grocery store or movie theater. Instead download the free AroundMe app. It pinpoints where you are and helps you find the closets businesses in your locale.

Sheriff Anti-Tamper App
Turn your phone into a portable alarm system with the Sheriff Anti-Tamper app, $3.95 in the Android Market. When activated it detects movement and sounds an alarm. Prop it against your hotel room door or keep it in your purse so if someone tries to steal your belongings they won’t be able to do it quietly.

Travel Games App
Traveling by car? Then you’ll love the tech-version of the childhood classic License Plate Game. It’s one of five games bundled in the Travel Games Ultimate Edition app, $.99. You can also pass time with rock, paper, scissors; slug bug; and scavenger hunt. Make the journey just as entertaining as what awaits at your spring break destination by loading your phone with fun.

By Alison Storm

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