Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Do You Feel About What You Spent During the Holidays?

Posted on 01/06/2012

Holiday hangovers happen to the best of us—and not just from hitting the eggnog too hard. Overspending during Christmas can create a sick feeling once January rolls around. But going by our latest Twitter and Facebook poll, many of you did well with your holiday spending. Of course, maybe some are trying to avoid the fact that they busted through that holiday budget.

Facebook Brenda Covert: I feel great! I didn't overdo it at all, and everybody was happy. :-)

Mary Sorenson-Ludwig: We stick to our budget, so there are no spending regrets after the holidays. That in itself feels like a gift!

JackandTamara Harrison: I feel great! We have been saving since the summer and we stuck within our budget and got some great deals.

Katie Mullinax: I feel great about what I spent. I gave out baked goods and crafts I made, along with framed family photos. I didn't spend that much, but everyone appreciated the gifts because they meant something--in fact, the gifts went over better than in years past when I spent much more!

Beth Marshall: Good. We don't go crazy with expensive gifts- started that when our kids were little. Rather than having them 'make a list,' we would try to figure one thing they really wanted; and maybe a few small fun gifts. A couple favorite gifts: sending a kid to Young Life camp/ or providing a well in Kenya- in a family member's name. Not expensive, but life changing.

Gail Everett: I'm fine with what I spent--dollar-wise most went to needy folks. But my husband won't even total his expenditures. At least he didn't spend it on himself, like many folks I know.

Kelly Marie Z. Elliott: Great! All their toys were consignment store finds and the children loved them.

@Markdudley19: (!/markdudley19) Holiday spending was below budget ..... planned for it and worked the plan .....

@Bethbeutler: (!/bethbeutler) Good overall. Stayed close to budget.

@Melissasuehall: (!/melissasuehall) GREAT!

@wherewomencreat: (!/wherewomencreat) I actually feel wonderful. I budgeted enough that I came in well under.

By Alison Storm

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