Oscar Buzz: Highest Salaries in Hollywood

Posted on 01/24/2012

The nominations are in for the 84th annual Academy Awards. Martin Scorsese’s film “Hugo” received the most Oscar nods, accepting 11 nominations including one for best picture. Eight other films will compete for the title of 2011’s best film including “The Artist,” “The Descendants,” and “The Help.” Not only does an Oscar nomination help Hollywood A-listers’ egos, but it can also boost their income potential.

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt’s film “Moneyball” was a financial homerun. He’s nominated for best actor for his part as Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane. According to Forbes.com, Brad Pitt is still one of the top power players in Hollywood. He currently commands about $25 million per film, but also negotiates a cut of the box office. The better his films do, the more his bank account grows.

Jessica Chastain
She may not be a household name quite yet, but Jessica Chastain could be on her way. The 30-year-old received an Oscar nominee for best supporting actress for playing Celia Foote in the 2011 hit “The Help.” “The Help” was the 13th most lucrative movie in the past year which could help Chastain to boost her salary requirements.

Glenn Close
Glenn Close received an Oscar nomination for her leading role in “Albert Nobbs” where she plays an Irish woman disguising herself as a man. According to TheWrap.com, Close took a serious salary cut for the film which was shot independently, without the help of Hollywood investors. No word on exactly how much of a pay dip she took, but according to Celebritynetworth.com she’s worth about $20 million.

George Clooney
He’s got one of the fattest paychecks in Hollywood and that’s before his most recent best actor nomination for his part in “The Descendents.” According to People magazine, Clooney scores $15 million or more for a flick. Although he’s been known to accept less if he’s working with friends.

Meryl Streep
She’s the most Oscar-nominated actress in Hollywood. Seventeen times she’s been up for gold statues. But she hasn’t won the big prize in 30 years, since 1982’s win for best actress in “Sophie’s Choice.” Even though she hasn’t won an Oscar in three decades, she’s still taking home plenty of bank. According to reports Streep earned between $7-8 million for the 2009 film “It’s Complicated.” And if she wins an Oscar this time around for her performance in “The Iron Lady” her salary could go up.

By Alison Storm

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