Now this Twitter and Facebook Poll: Would You Rather Be Healthier or Wealthier

Posted on 01/19/2012

If we had the choice we’d probably want to be both: health and wealthy. But we wanted to know what you would choose if you could only select one option. In our latest Twitter and Facebook poll we delve into the philosophical question of whether it’s better to be in good physical or financial shape.


Jack Knipe: Healthier!! I'm tired of getting colds from students!! LOL

Haro Setian: Either one could lead to the other

Claudia Clanton Wise
: Wealthier so I can be healthier! Food, exercise gear, skincare...

Talita Balbino Araujo: If I can't have both, I'd choose to be healthier. That way I can work really hard and reach my goals. It's really sad to be wealthy and sick....

Shaun Malone: Unfortunately, the way the insurance and hospital system (and even small family healthcare providers) are set up, wealth often leads to better health. The wealthy can afford insurance, therefore, the wealthy can afford to go to the doctor more frequently for even minor illnesses and can even afford preventative medicine.

Rhiannon Wells: Healthier!

Laurie Elmore Thompson
: Definitely healthier because you cannot enjoy life if you are wealthy and not healthy. Plus there are so many stresses associated with both unhealthiness and wealth...why not go with the one that brings more inner peace?

Susan Harris Pottberg
: If I'm wishing - I want both.

Emily 'Delzell' Rohan
: If you're healthier, it's much easier to become wealthier.

Mary Sorenson-Ludwig
: Good health is the first wealth of life. It's difficult to enjoy anything if you're not healthy!

Ashley Kirk: Since the question was healthiER or wealthiER, and not healthY or wealthY, I'll go with wealthier, because I'm already pretty healthy ;)

Lloyd Charles Trout III
: If I were wealthier then I wouldn't have to work as hard (less stress) and I'd have more time to exercise/work on my heath. So one would take care of the other.

By Alison Storm

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Kirstofer Carlo

Posted on 01.23.12 at 5:03 AM

Healthier of course what will i do in my wealth if my body is weak... :)

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