Twitter and Facebook Poll: Are You a Last Minute Shopper?

Posted on 12/21/2011

There are those who complete their shopping long before the first snowflake makes its appearance and there are those who love the pressure of a last minute buying spree. Procrasti-shoppers are fairly common. The National Retail Federation found that one in ten shoppers plan to purchase their last holiday gift on Christmas Eve. As Christmas begins to close in we wanted to know if you’re a last minute shopper. Here’s what you told us on Facebook and through Twitter.


Alanna Klapp: Yes, going this week, due to money, paid all my bills first for the month and now ready to shop! Merry Christmas!

Katie Mullinax: I've not even started yet. But, since I got married this summer, gifts will be easy peasy this year, thankfully! Each family member is getting a framed family photo from the wedding day, digital copy of all the wedding photos, and a DVD of the ceremony and reception. Next year, it will be super tough, though, trying to shop for scores of new in-laws. Maybe I'll have to start prior to the week-of!

Brenda Covert: Sorry, I'm an all-year-round shopper. I'm always on the lookout for good deals and never wait till the last minute to buy gifts!

Stephanie Storm-Robertson
: Yes I shop for myself when the prices are low. I finished my Christmas shopping last month.

Jennie Raff: I love last minute shopping. If I shop early then I end up finding more things later that I want to get a person, and I end up having leftover gifts. I have five sisters and like to keep things equal, so I'll find myself getting more and more to even gifts out. I'd rather just get it all done at once towards the end. It's like writing a paper, I think; I just work best under a little pressure.


@ymcBO: (!/ymcBO ) Every year I do the last minute thing. Earliest I've ever started was the 23rd.

@FishMama: (!/FishMama ) Definitely a plan-ahead kind of girl. I like last-minute, but with six kids, that would send me bonkers.

@Fraukuech: (!/Fraukuech ) Still have just about all my shopping to do! Definitely a last minute shopper. The one time I wasn't, though, I loved it!

@JessKalbarczyk: (!/JessKalbarczyk) Most definitely. In fact I plan to go this Friday and I'm sure I'll do a bit more on Chrismas Eve too :-) I love the rush I get

By Alison Storm

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