Tips for Making Your Christmas Tree Look Better and Last Longer

Posted on 12/06/2011

Half of US homes will have a fake tree this year. But for those who opt for a real tree, there’s nothing quite like the scent and beauty of a fresh pine, spruce or fir. According to Census numbers, Oregon contributes the most, harvesting nearly seven million Christmas trees annually. If you opt for the real deal, review these tips for keeping your tree perfect through the entire holiday season.

Get a Fresh Cut When you purchase your Christmas tree, the seller should give you a fresh chop across the bottom. Taking just a half inch off the bottom helps the tree take in more water once you lug it back home. Make sure you put it in a bucket of water as soon as you get it off the roof of your car.

Use an Appropriate Stand
According to experts, it’s a common mistake to use a tree stand that is too small. Fresh trees will drink up to about one quart of water a day for every inch of trunk diameter. If you let the stand go dry, experts say water intake can slow or stop completely which is bad news for your tree.

Maintain Water Levels
Check your water levels daily. Not only will a dry tree start to lose its needles, but it will also become more of a fire hazard. According to a new report from the National Fire Protection Association, in recent years U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 240 home structure fires that started with Christmas trees. Christmas tree fires cause an average of 13 deaths a year, 27 injuries and $16.7 million in property damage.

Keep Away From Heat

The expert source on all things home-related, Hints from Heloise, says it’s important to keep the tree away from sources of heat. This could be a fireplace, direct sunlight or a wood stove. That extra heat will just try it out faster and no one wants a brittle Christmas tree.

Stick with Clean Water

A can of Coke, aspirin, bleach and fertilizer have all been offered up as additives that will help your Christmas tree stay fresher longer. But the National Christmas Tree Association says those tricks don’t hold water. In fact, they say research has shown that plain tap water is best. Ultimately giving your fir fresh water daily is the best way to maintain your tree’s freshness long after Christmas morning.

By Alison Storm

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