The Best Apps to Help With New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on 12/29/2011

Setting goals for the new year? In order to make these resolutions stick why not turn to your Smartphone for some help? Whether you’re hoping to drink more water, lose weight or keep spending in check these apps can help.

Resolution: Eat More Fruits and Veggies App: Munch 5-a-Day Regularly record your daily intake of fruits and veggies with the free Munch 5-a-Day app. The app helps you set personal goals and generates graphs that monitor your progress. You can also share your developments with friends and family as an extra layer of accountability. Achieve your goals consistently and you’ll earn badges for healthy living.

Resolution: Take the Stairs More Often

App: Monumental
Turn taking the stairs into a game with the free Monumental app. You’ll explore the monuments of the world while climbing the stairs at your office building or parking garage. As you climb real stairs you’ll also climb virtual stairs towards the top of Mount Olympus or the Statue of Liberty. While the view you’ll see may be virtual, the extra calories you’ll burn are completely real.

Resolution: Drink More Water
App: Waterlogged or Drinking Water
Dehydration can manifest itself as tiredness or hunger. Drinking more water is also a great tool for weight loss, but remembering to drink regularly can be difficult. Monitor your H2O intake and set reminders to yourself to drink with one of these apps.

Resolution: Write a Book
App: Write a Book
Writing a book is one of the most common life goals and this tool can help you make it happen in 2012. Since you probably carry your tablet with you wherever you go, having this app may prompt you to find more time to finish that great American novel. It’s $3.99 and helps you create a book cover, manage chapters and soon you’ll be able to send the document by mail or export it as a PDF.

Resolution: To Quit Smoking
App: Quitter
If your dream is to kick that dirty habit then put the Quitter app into your hand instead of a cigarette. This free app provides a constant source of encouragement by giving you a visual reference point as to how long it’s been since you last lit up and how much money you’ve saved as a result. Quitter isn’t just for smoking—you can use it to help you quit anything.

Resolution: Pay down debt
App: Hello Wallet
Many of us make spending decisions on the go so why not get help right where we need it? The Hello Wallet app will help you save more money and pay down your debt. In fact, they say the average person saves $300 more every month after using it for 30 days. It’s a free app, so what have you got to lose?

By Alison Storm

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These all appear to be iPhone apps. Any suggestions for android users?

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