Ten of the Best Presents for Re-Gifting

Posted on 12/20/2011

Whether you think re-gifting is rude or not, it’s still practiced by millions of people. A survey from American Express found that 79 percent of consumers believe re-gifting is socially acceptable during the holidays. The remaining 21 percent say the practice is “never” acceptable. Assuming you’re well-versed in the cardinal rules of re-gifting (i.e. Not giving a present back to the person who gave it to you, giving only new items and updating the gift wrap), you may want to re-gift one of these presents.

Bottles of Wine Bottles of wine can transfer hands quite easily. A friend brings you a bottle for hosting them at dinner. You take that bottle to your book club’s secret Santa party. No one knows the difference. Bottles of wine can never be the wrong size and as long as you don’t open them, they only get better with age.


Candles are another top re-giftable item. They work for a variety of age groups and personalities because just about everyone enjoys the scent of a new candle.

Kitchen Gadgets
Perhaps you got a gift that you already own or maybe it’s a kitchen gadget you just don’t have a use for. This could be a good candidate for re-gifting because almost everyone has a kitchen and gadgets are acceptable gifts for men or women.

Inexpensive Jewelry
Sometimes jewelry is perfectly suited to your tastes, other times it’s not. If you’re lacking love for a certain piece you may want to pass it on to someone else who could get more use out of it.

Nice hand lotions (not the kind found at your corner drug store) can be re-gifted as long as they’re not used. Just make sure you’re not re-gifting them to someone who is sensitive to perfumes.

Christmas decorations

As long as the item hasn’t been on display in your home, Christmas ornaments, holiday mugs or a stuffed Santa can make nice re-gift options. Just don’t re-gift these items after Christmas or the person will wonder if you bought it off the clearance shelf.


Books could be a good option for re-gifting, as long as the book isn’t personalized to you. Examine inside the front cover and the first few pages to make sure there is not a handwritten note from the person who gave it to you.


Board games or card games can make fun items to re-gift. All the pieces should not only be intact, but remain unused.

Coffee or Tea
Coffee or tea can definitely be re-gifted, as long as it’s not too old. You could also throw in some newly purchased mugs to give this re-gift a fresh feel.

Gift Cards
Gift cards can be good for re-gifting, but you have to do your research. Don’t re-gift partially used gift cards and make sure you take it out of the original sleeve if your name is written in the “to” line. Otherwise, gift cards are a great way to recycle generosity during the holiday season.

By Alison Storm

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