How to Start 2012 More Organized

Posted on 12/28/2011

With the launch of every new year comes the opportunity to make a fresh start by ditching bad habits and adopting some good ones. Sure, spring cleaning is still down the road, but this could also be a great time to plan and purge so you can start 2012 more organized.

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Clear the Paper Clutter
For households the fiscal year usually ends on December 31. This means now is a great time to get rid of unnecessary files—both physical and digital. Shift older documents that don’t require immediate access to other storage locations to make room for more current paperwork in accessible spaces.

Tackle One Storage Space a Day
Most people have several drawers in their home and office that could use some tidying. Take a week and tackle one drawer a day. Take everything out, throwing away junk, corralling common items and returning misplaced things to where they really belong. Once you’ve organized the drawers, move on to other areas like closets. Hopefully this way you’ll spend less of 2012 looking for lost stuff.

Organize Digital Files
If you do a lot of computer work, now is the time to reorganize your digital files. Separate photos from 2011 into their own archive folder and categorize by month if possible. Do the same with Word and Excel documents so that new files don’t get mixed up with old ones.

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By Alison Storm

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