Affordable (And Unforgettable) Gift Ideas

Posted on 12/16/2011

Try to remember what you got for Christmas in 2006. If you’re like most people you probably can’t recall. And sorry to say but most of the gifts you give, cherished as they may be, wind up becoming a distant memory. Want to give a gift that is truly unforgettable, but affordable at the same time? Here are some suggestions.

The World’s Best Food A gift card to a nice restaurant is fine, but how about having some of the world’s best food flown in for your loved one? Turn the gift into an experience by ordering real Chicago pizza from or famous New York cheesecake from Two deep dish pizzas can be shipped for $57.99 and a Christmas swirl cheesecake is $31.95.

Explore Your City
Sign them up for a chocolate tour of Boston or a two-hour Chicago Segway tour, both of which are about $50 at Research fun and affordable activities your community offers for a truly original gift.

Professional Foot Massage
Even more affordable, and probably just as enjoyable, as a full body massage is one that focuses primarily on your tootsies. Giving their feet 30 or 60 minutes of professional attention is not something they will soon forget.

Celebrity Autographs
If your loved one has a celebrity crush consider buying them an autographed photo. There are plenty of places online to purchase celebrity autographs including where a signed photograph of Julia Roberts or John Tavolta will set you back about $60.

Tickets to a Show
Whether it’s tickets to a concert or the circus, even sitting in the last row of a live event is an unforgettable experience. The other positive side of giving your loved one tickets—besides the fact that they may take you along—is that they’re easy to ship and wrap.

By Alison Storm

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