Twitter and Facebook Poll: Do Rewards Programs or Punch Cards Keep You Coming Back?

Posted on 11/04/2011

Do rewards programs and punch cards do more than keep your wallet from snapping shut? We wanted to know if they actually do make you a return customer or if they simply add to your clutter. Here’s what you told us through Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister: They're a nice incentive, but it's customer service that really keeps me coming back.

Lester-rachel Burgess: yes! My husband laughs at me, because I will go to a gas station and buy a coffee everyday just to get my 10th one free

Elizabeth Ramos: I think physical punch cards do make a difference. It's a tangible 'reward'. But plastic ones don't make me want to buy more/go back.

Laurie Elmore Thompson: Yes, rewards programs and punch cards work but I agree that customer service and quality of product is just as much of an incentive.

Jennie Raff: Absolutely they do! I used to go to Liquid Highway [a local coffee shop] all the time until they stopped doing the punch cards. I think you psychologically just want to feel appreciated by a business....

Susan Harris Pottberg: Nope. It takes way too long to accumulate enough points, etc, to get a reward.

@tiffanyjorge: Yes, Rewards/punch-cards keep me coming back more regularly than if no reward was offered.

@wizardofos: Nope! I always forget that I have them!!

@Curtismchale: Not really. In fact the stores that require a card to get the sale price on products annoy me to no end.

@cimholz: Yes, I love them!

@JamesAkersJr: I only use the ones that can look me up by my phone number

By Alison Storm

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