How to Make Your Home Flu Resistant

Posted on 11/02/2011

Flu season is here—and the Centers for Disease Control says it will stick around until as late as May. Experts say flu activity commonly peaks in January or February and while it may attack your family with a vengeance there are ways to make your home more flu-resistant.

Get Vaccinated The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine to those who are over the age of six months. Get your flu shot and buy any Lysol product to be eligible for a $5 flu shot rebate. Include the original receipts showing your flu shot and Lysol product purchase in order to get your five bucks.

Reward Good Washing

Getting kids to wash their hands can be a tough battle, but the free Handwashing Reward Chart from may help eliminate this fight. Your kids will get star stickers when they wash their hands and if they collect 20 stickers in one week they deserve a reward.

Attack Your Home’s Germ-Infested Spots

According to your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than your bathroom. There are 500,000 bacteria per square inch in the drain alone. Use anti-bacterial products to clean counters and the sink and toss your sponge in the dishwasher regularly. Another place commonly infested with germs happens to be the bathroom tub. Kill bacteria by scrubbing it with disinfecting cleaner once a week. says it’s important to dry the tub once you clean it or the germs may live on.

Use EPA-Approved Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are the same. Make sure you’re using products that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use against Influenza A Virus. This 20-page PDF includes hundreds of suitable products.

Clean the Air You Breathe
Dry winter air is perfect for spreading the influenza virus according to experts. Some studies suggest using a humidifier may help reduce your chances of catching the flu. Just be sure you keep your humidifier clean and free of mold. Air filters will also help. Replace worn out filters or try an air cleaner to make your home less flu friendly.

By Alison Storm

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