How to be Productive While Watching TV

Posted on 11/09/2011

For some, satisfaction comes from sitcoms. Others love anything that starts with “Real Housewives”. No matter what’s on the tube there are ways to avoid being a couch potato. Don’t let the TV suck away valuable time—instead be productive while watching television.

Get Inspiration My new commercial break obsession (no, I don’t have TiVo) is Pinterest. I use those minutes to absorb beautiful photos of fashion, parties and décor. It’s a free source of inspiration that can help you with anything from picking out tomorrow’s outfit to planning next month’s holiday party.

Sort Junk Mail
Here’s something you can easily do in between flicking through the channels—tackle that pile of junk mail. It’s an easy task that requires just enough mental focus to decide what credit card applications to toss into the recycle bin and which ones to add to your bill pile.

Do Some Push-Ups
Prevention Magazine says TV time is a great opportunity for burning some extra calories. Check out their Couch Potato Workout for easy exercises you can do without leaving the living room. You can burn calories during commercials with moves like side crunches, couch push-ups and armchair dips.

Plan Meals
While you’re enjoying downtime why not create more free time for the rest of your week. Eliminate last minute ingredient runs to the grocery store or expensive fast food dinners by taking some time to plan meals for the next week. Flip through that stack of magazines for easy recipe ideas.

Write Cards
Bring back the dying art of letter writing from the comfort of your couch. Get a head start on those holiday cards while enjoying some quality time with your friends NBC, ABC and CBS.

Clip Coupons
If you’re a coupon clipper this is a great time to tackle the Sunday circular. File them in your coupon binder and purge the ones that have expired. Not only are you enjoying TV, but you’re saving money in the process.

By Alison Storm

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