Ten Ways You Can Start Creating Christmas Cash Now

Posted on 10/18/2011

Soon there will be presents to buy, trees to decorate and loved ones to visit. Just about everyone could use some extra money around the holidays. But why wait? Here are ten ways you can start creating Christmas cash now.

Trade In Your Old Phone Nextworth helps consumers upgrade their electronics by giving them cash for their old equipment. In fact right now they’re guaranteeing a $200 trade-in value on a 16GB or 32 GB iPhone 4 through Monday, October 24. But beyond iPhones, you can sell MP3 Players, cameras, video games and more.

Use Zaarly
Walk someone’s dog, sell your old guitar or help a homeowner clean out their garage. Earn money easily with the help of Zaarly. People all over the country are using it as a way to get help or buy things and you can be the one to answer their requests.

Install Swagbucks
Install Swagbucks on your tool bar and use it for online searching. You’ll earn Swagbucks while you surf. Trade your Swagbucks in for prizes and gift cards. For instance, 450 Swagbucks equals a $5 Amazon gift card which can help pay for some Christmas gifts.

Sell Your Tweets
If you have a pretty good Twitter following you can make easy cash by selling some of your tweets to advertisers. Sign up at SponsoredTweets.com. Go with a Pro Account and you’ll be able to cash out your earnings once you’ve hit $25.

Automate Savings
If your cash is automatically sent to savings you won’t be able to spend it. Check with your financial institution to see if they have an automatic savings program like the one Chase has. It’s a repeating, monthly automatic transfer of $25 or more from your checking account to your savings account.

Fill Your Spare Time with Easy Work
Bookmarking sites, liking Facebook pages and filling out questionnaires are all very easy tasks, but with Shorttask.com you can actually earn money doing it. It’s definitely not a way to get rich, but it is a way to give spare time earning potential.

Sell Photos Online
If you’ve got good, high resolution photos or video clips you can try to sell them online. Try a site like Shutterstock.com where you’ll earn between $.25 and $28 every time someone downloads your approved images. Start by submitting ten of your best photos. If at least seven images get approved you can start earning extra cash.

Get Rid of Gold
Clean out your jewelry box and sell unwanted or broken gold. GoldStash.com offers free shipping and payments within 24 hours.

Download the Free Field Agent App
Put that iPhone to work with the Field Agent app. Accept and complete simple tasks like snapping photos of a store display or noting conditions at a nearby gas station. Get paid quickly for providing retail intelligence to trustworthy companies.

Share Your Opinion with Your Social Networks
If you are already publishing your thoughts on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr, then you can start turning those opinions into cash with MyLikes. You earn quick cash when you post sponsored tweets, blog posts or videos. You earn money when you receive a click or view and funds arrive weekly through Paypal or in Amazon gift cards. According to MyLikes the average user earns $50 or more a month which can add up to some nice cash before Christmas.

By Alison Storm

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