Fun for People Who Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Posted on 10/27/2011

According to the National Retail Federation seven in ten Americans—that’s 69%— will celebrate Halloween this year. But what if you’re one of the three in ten who don’t? It may be because you don’t want to spend $72 like the NRF says the average person will spend on Halloween costumes, treats and decorations. Or perhaps Halloween is against your religion. Whatever the reason, here are Halloween alternatives so you don’t feel left out of the fun.

Harvest Party A harvest party can be a great alternative to a Halloween party. Mandy from shares secrets from her harvest party including how to decorate and what to serve. She suggests fun games like a pumpkin seed contest where kids pull out seeds from a mini pumpkin, count them and whoever has the most wins.

Trunk or Treat
Many churches and communities offer Trunk or Treat celebrations as a safer alternative to trick-or-treating. Instead of going door to door, children congregate in a large parking lot where people hand out candy from the trunks of their cars. Check out photos from past Trunk or Treat celebrations at

Celebrate Jesus Ween

Canadian pastor Paul Ade came up with the Halloween alternative “Jesus Ween” nearly ten years ago when he decided to hand out Bibles instead of candy. The idea behind Jesus Ween is to spread love on October 31, not fright. Check out for more information.

Roast Marshmallows
If your city ordinances allow it, celebrate Halloween by starting a bonfire or using a fire pit in your backyard. Invite friends over and roast marshmallows or make S’mores.

Screen a Non-Scary Halloween Movie
Wimp or not, scary movies aren’t for everyone. But there are some non-scary Halloween movies. This October 31 rent a copy of The Addams Family, Edward Scissorhands or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s an affordable and safe way to be festive.

By Alison Storm

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