Easy Ways to Raise Money for an Adoption

Posted on 10/28/2011

The average cost of adoption, according to a 2010 adoption survey, is around $30,000. US foster adoptions are the least expensive, costing on average less than $5,000 while an international adoption from Russia can run about $50,000. Since November is Adoption Awareness Month we’ve researched ways to raise money for an adoption.

Take on Freelance Work Author Julie Gumm wrote Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption. She and her husband recently adopted siblings from Africa and they managed to do it without accruing debt. Gumm writes in her book that a big way she came up with the cash is by taking on freelance graphic design jobs. She even constructed a website for her adoption agency which cut $3,000 off the final bill.

Sell T-Shirts
The Kautzi family is raising money to adopt a child from Ethiopia. One way they’re working towards their goal is by selling t-shirts. The cool t-shirts are $15 a piece or two for $20 and all of the money from the sale goes into their adoption fund.

Make Jewelry

If you’re crafty with beads or metal try making jewelry and selling it online. Junk Posse’s tag line is “creative art adornment with a message.” Jewelry sold on this Etsy page supports a family adopting from Haiti as well as other important organizations serving orphans.

Clean Out Your Closets

Do you have something you can sell to help raise money for your adoption? One mom is making hundreds of dollars by selling Barbies from her childhood to help fund her adoption. Other families hold giant garage sales, even collecting donated furniture and household goods to boost their profits.

Apply for a Grant
Check out this list of available adoption grants at AdoptWithoutDebt.com. Take time to fill out the applications and you may receive some money that will help pay for your upcoming adoption.

By Alison Storm

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