Knock Offs or the Real Thing? When To Save on Fake

Posted on 09/12/2011

Having a tough time deciding when to go fake and when to go Fendi? There is a lot of money to be saved with knockoffs, but they can also be a complete waste of resources because of shoddy workmanship and poor quality. Here are a few circumstances when affordable knockoffs can be better than the real thing.

Replica Dresses - Herve Leger’s iconic bandage dresses sell for more than $1,000 a pop at Neiman Marcus. But you can still score his form fitting style for about a tenth of the price. Head to and search for replicas. Shipping is free and the looks are still hot.

Over-the-Counter Meds - These knockoffs may look like the real thing—they even share similar packaging colors and branding. But you can save as much as 50% simply by purchasing the store brand rather than the real deal. Just check the ingredient list, but most of the time they’re identical.

Sunglasses - A pair of designer shades can easily cost over $100. However, changing trends make it tough to prevent a budget breakdown. Instead, opt for designer replicas which sell for the always-in-style price of $9.95 at

Fake Tanning Products - Fake tans are so much better than the real thing. They’re healthier for your skin and lead to fewer wrinkles in the future. Get a natural looking knockoff with affordable products like Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, $8.79 from

Restaurant Recipes - Obsessed with the Chicken Bryan at Carrabbas or Olive Garden’s Berry Sangria? Skip the restaurant and make it at home for a fraction of the cost with the help of They’ve shared hundreds of knock-off recipes that will taste so much like the real thing you’ll want to leave yourself a tip.

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 09.12.11 at 3:25 PM

You do realize that counterfeit items a)bankroll drug cartels; b)take American jobs; c)make it harder for designers, artists, engineers and other innovators to create new products.

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I am totally wowed and pperaerd to take the next step now.


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AFAICT you've coeverd all the bases with this answer!

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