How to Use Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts to Support Charities

Posted on 09/15/2011

Charities need your help. While they love receiving your cash donations, they could also use your social media support. Here are some ways to use your Facebook and Twitter accounts for a bigger purpose.

Donate Tweets or Unused Characters - Help charities reach your followers by donating your tweets or even your unused characters. With they’ll turn any leftover characters into a message about Fair Trade. Or you can donate an entire tweet a day to your charity of choice through Help raise awareness for causes that matter to you by allowing charities to send out a tweet through your account, promoting their organization.

Post Videos - One way charities spread news about their work is by producing powerful videos. Check out the YouTube Channel of your favorite charity and share the videos on your own Facebook page. For instance, Blood: Water Mission is combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa while also providing clean water to villages there. Share their videos with those in your circle of influence.

Donate Your Twitter Background - You may have never given much thought to your Twitter background. Perhaps it’s set at default blue or features your favorite color. Another option is to use your Twitter background as free ad space for your charity of choice. For instance Water of Life, a non-profit drilling wells in West Africa and India, has about a dozen ready-made Twitter backgrounds available for download at

Ask For “Likes” - Your favorite charity is probably on Facebook. And if you “like” them ask your friends to “like” them as well. The more fans a charity has the more people they’re able to influence and inform.

Invite Friends to Events - Did a non-profit invite you to an upcoming event through Facebook? Don’t simply RSVP and move on. Spread the news further by passing on the invitation to your Facebook friends. You may discover that others are passionate about the same causes.

Pledge Your Tweets and Updates - Check out HelpAttack! for an easy way to give each time you update your Facebook status or send out a tweet. You can set a per-update-pledge and donate the money you commit to your charity of choice.

By Alison Storm

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