Experiencing Space Without Leaving Earth

Posted on 09/01/2011

Despite decades of denial by the Department of Defense and NASA, Hollywood is claiming that America sent two astronauts to the moon in 1972. The story of Apollo 18 and its “lost” footage is revealed in theaters nationwide September 2. While you may never get to actually walk on the moon, you can still experience space without leaving earth (or sending your savings into a black hole.)

Shuttle Launch Experience - Embark on an exciting journey—or at least feel like you are—with the Shuttle Launch Experience at Kennedy Space Center. The simulation is included in the admission ticket price which is just $21 for adults and $15 for kids. Sit in on the pre-launch briefing and feel the anxious moments as the countdown to launch begins.

Astronaut Food - Dine like an astronaut with some freeze dried beef stew or chocolate pudding from AstronautFoods.com. Some varieties are on sale, but most meals sell for less than $5.

Mission: SPACE - Head to Disney’s Epcot theme park for a motion simulator ride that gets you as close as possible to blasting off without actually leaving Earth. The Mission: SPACE ride gives people two options. You can either join the Orange Team for exhilarating and extreme training or have a less intense adventure on the Green Team. Just purchase admission to Disney to launch your adventure.

Visit Kliluk, the Spotted Lake - Head north to a strange body of water in British Columbia’s desert to feel like you might be on another planet. In the hot summer sun, Spotted Lake evaporates forming hundreds of white-rimmed circles. Its high mineral content leaves the water looking like it belongs out of this world.

Strap On Astronaut Boots - NASA logos and patches make these moon boots from buycostumes.com very official looking. Once you strap on these babies you may have a better idea of what it truly feel like to be an astronaut.

By Alison Storm

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