Movies That Can Teach Kids About Money

Posted on 08/19/2011

In a world doing all it can to tell your children that they should want the newest, shiniest, toy or the coolest, fastest gadget, it can be difficult to instill important financial lessons. Try speaking them through a medium they understand: movies. These kid flicks are entertaining and can also help you teach your kids about money.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Spoiled kids get a bad rap in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Take Veruca Salt for example. Her parents bought boxes and boxes of Wonka bars in order to ensure their daughter won a golden ticket. Her greed ends up landing her down a garbage chute.

Field of Dreams - This 1989 film starring Kevin Costner explains what can happen when you pursue a good idea boldly. Watch this film with your kids and use it as a jumping off point to talk about the importance of analyzing risk verses reward. Help them see how big risks can often net big rewards.

Toy Story 2 -
Discarded toy Woody discovers he’s a celebrity in this sequel to the original Toy Story movie. Woody finds out he’s a collector’s item with great value. But the plot takes children on Woody’s adventure as he decides between love or fame. The movie can teach them that old things have value, and that love is far more important than riches or wealth.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - This is a wonderful tale that shows that Christmas presents, trees and decorations aren’t the true meaning of the holiday. While the story criticizes the commercialization of Christmas and condemns those who profit from exploiting this wonderful time of year, it highlights the power of family, friends and love over things and belongings.

Millions - This 2005 movie starring Alex Etel follows two brothers who inherit a suitcase filled with cash, but both boys have very different ideas for spending it. One would like to give it to the less fortunate while the other would rather have fun. This film will help you open conversations with your kids on the best way to spend as well as the importance of giving to others.

By Alison Storm

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