Twitter and Facebook Poll: What's Been Your Best Garage Sale Find?

Posted on 07/28/2011

Summer is a great time for scoring deals at yard sales and garage sales. We’ve heard rumors of those lucky ducks that’ve scored Rembrandt paintings for a buck or Civil War relics for a quarter. So we wanted to hear about your best garage sale finds so we asked for the details on Twitter and Facebook.


Mark Daniel Miller: Vintage cowboy shirts (from like the 50s and 60s)... with the pearl snap buttons :) LOVES 'em

Nicole Gorney: Vintage striped arm-chair for $5! So cute!

Anne Haugen: A 1908 National Cash Register. Everything worked, had the original marquee, the name of the store it sat in, the original money drawers, and all the keys to access the drawers and cash register. I paid $200 for it, but sold it for a considerable profit. Way worth it!

Gunnar Simonsen: LP of Frank Sinatra and the Duke Ellington Orchestra live in Vegas.

Rua Pokladnik Arnold: A mint-condition set of vintage red suitcases for $5. They've inspired me to take a great vacation someday soon.

Julian Loue: I got a sweet set of vintage serving dishes and some funky martini glasses.

Pamela Scott Frangedakis: A real wood marble-top coffee table.

MaryGrace Godfrey: Best Halloween costume ever: creamsicle jump suit! Or a direction-free disassembled entertainment center that took a day to assemble and served me well for years. Only $1.

Angie Baumann-Sewalson: A Wilson's Leather coat in my size. :) Only $5.

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: Do tag sales count? If so a mint condition "Ball B Q" grill from 1970's. Still in the box never assembled.

Suzette Curry: Baby Jogger for $40 worth $250. We use the heck out of it. Although it has ROSA written all over it but Gabriel didn’t seem to notice. LOL


@LizGMarshall: Actually found a bunch of sterling silver forks for 25 cents each! Love finding ridiculously great bargains!

@BudgetsAreSexy: Mom found a CAR once. Blue Chevy Corsica :) $2,000 I wanna say.

@Nakedblu: Found an awesome brand new custom upholstered chair for only $139 bucks. Unbelievable!

@1of5Hawks: I just sold much of my coupon deals stockpile at my last YS - peeps were VERY happy to get deo n toothpst for $1 or $2 - score!

@AndrewTrull: Old wooden Pepsi Bottling Co. flat re-purposed as a kitchen spice rack!

By Alison Storm

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