The Best Freebies Found on Most College Campuses

Posted on 07/25/2011

College can be an incredibly expensive investment. So why not make the most of it while you can? Get the biggest bang for your tuition buck by taking advantage of these freebies found on most college campuses.

Free Food - Various campus organizations and social clubs offer free food at events in order to entice students to participate. After all, few things are a better motivator than free food. Attending these meetings and events can be a great way to fill up for free and expand your horizons.

Free Seminars and Lectures - Colleges invite everyone from business leaders to poets (and even Snooki) to come and speak. Keep tabs on who’s visiting your college campus and pencil these events into your schedule. Once you graduate, free opportunities like these will be harder to come by.

Free Healthcare - Many campuses offer free student healthcare. You’ll have to check with your school’s medical clinic to find out what’s covered, but typically checkups, flu shots and more can be administered free of charge to students.

Free Entertainment - From free sporting events to movie screenings, there is likely some form of free entertainment going on just about every night of the week. Check out free concerts, free information fairs and free theater performances available on your campus. Some nearby museums may also offer free admission to college students on certain nights of the week as long as you flash your student ID.

Free Security Escort - If you find yourself studying late into the night at the library, don’t walk back to your dorm by yourself. Take advantage of free security escort services offered on most college campuses. Trained student officers will make sure you get home safely and you don’t even have to tip them.

Free Books - You’ll probably end up paying a pretty penny for your text books, but any other reading material can be scored free of charge at your university library. In addition to books you can also find magazines, newspapers and audio books available for free here.

Free Gym Membership - Avoid the infamous freshmen 15 by taking full advantage of this freebie: your campus recreation center. You’ll probably find that group fitness classes, workout equipment and even sessions with a nutritionist are absolutely free. Soak it up while it lasts because once you graduate you’ll have to start paying around $50 a month for a gym membership.

By Alison Storm

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