How to Find the Best Deals on Diapers

Posted on 07/23/2011

According to, during baby’s first year new parents bring home an average of 2,788 diapers for a cost of $557.60. That’s based on the idea that each disposable diaper costs about 20 cents. Want to shave off some of that expense? Then consider these ways to lighten the load diapers place on your household budget.

Follow Bloggers Doing the Research - The best way to save money on diapers is to combine coupons with sales. But keeping track of the available coupons and the current sales can take time—which new parents don’t often have much of. Thankfully there are hardworking bloggers doing the work for you. Check out Every week they lay out the best deals available from major retailers on diapers and wipes.

Join the Loyalty Program - When you shop for diapers at you’ll get $10 off your first order over $49 when you enter code SERFIVE at checkout. Using that code automatically enters you in their loyalty program so that you’ll save $5 off every case of diapers you order in the future. The site also offers free one to two day shipping on all orders over $49 and free returns.

Earn Cash Back - Some major websites offer cash back on diaper purchases. For instance at, you can earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases including diapers. The cash back comes in the form of a credit you can put towards future purchases.

Join Your Grocery Store’s Baby Club - Many grocery stores have “baby clubs” that customers can join for free. When you sign up they’ll send you exclusive coupons that will save you money on future purchases for your little one, including diapers.

Follow Your Brand - Most parents find that a certain brand works well for their baby. If you find yourself attached to a certain brand of diaper then follow that brand. Visit their website often and keep on top of money-saving offers. For instance, if Pampers is your diaper of choice, you’ll want to join the Pampers Village to receive coupons and special offers only available to members.

Keep Your Receipts - One of the things babies have in common is that they grow up quickly. You may find a super sale on diapers, but before you can use up your stockpile junior has already outgrown them. Don’t let those diapers go to waste. Keep your receipts so that you can exchange them for the larger size.

By Alison Storm

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