Finding a Part-Time Job Once the School Year Starts

Posted on 07/26/2011

The job market is brutal for just about everyone—including teens and college students looking for part-time work. That’s because they’re not only competing for jobs against others in their age group, but adults are also applying for part-time positions. For students that took the summer off, they may be interested in earning an income once the school year starts and these tips for finding work will help.

Develop Your Resume - Even if you have limited work history, you still need a resume. It’s your chance to show potential employers why you’d make a good member of their team. Get some help from this free Resume Development Worksheet. Make sure to highlight your skills, education and experience.

Search for After School Jobs - is known as the number one job site worldwide. More than 50 million unique visitors use the site as a job search tool every month. And since so many people are perusing it to find work, you know there are thousands of companies are using to post available positions. The key for students looking for part-time work is to search the keywords “After School”. You’ll then have to narrow the results by location and job type, but soon you’ll have a list of viable openings in your area.

Use Databases of Part-Time Jobs - Websites like and offer a huge listing of part-time jobs. These specific search engines are great for teens and college students. You’ll find job openings at companies like Dollar Tree, Cold Stone Creamery, and Jack in the Box which may be perfect positions for students.

Ask Family and Friends - For teens, finding work can be the ultimate Catch 22. No one will hire them because they don’t have experience, but they can’t get experience unless someone will hire them. If that’s a familiar dilemma consider asking friends and family if they have any work that needs to be done. It could be babysitting, lawn mowing or car washing, but at least it will give you additional work experience that you can include on your resume.

Wait for the Holiday Season - Still having a hard time landing a part-time job? Don’t give up. Instead just wait a few more weeks and companies will start hiring extra staff to handle holiday loads. This can be a great time for students to get picked up for employment. Be sure to impress your new employer so they’ll keep you on staff once the holidays are over.

By Alison Storm

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