Backyard Entertainment: Free Summer Fun At Home

Posted on 07/18/2011

Whether you’re taking a summer vacation or not you can still make unforgettable memories. From a movie theater experience to a backyard water park—you can do it all without leaving home or spending a dime. Before summer sneaks away make sure to plan some free backyard entertainment.

Have an Outdoor Movie Screening. - Before taking the family out for a night at the movie theater, try showing your own summer blockbuster in the backyard. Rig up a screen using a plain white bed sheet. Borrow a projector from a friend, set out cushions and pop some popcorn. Soon you’ll have the feel of a drive-in theater right in your own backyard.

Go Camping - No need to load up the car full of camping gear and head to a remote section of wilderness. Just step out your back door. You could even use a fire pit to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. Sing a few campfire songs with the help of

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course - Get creative with items you have around the house by designing a backyard obstacle course. Need examples? Use a garden hose to walk the “tightrope.” Crawl under a table or toss bean bags into a laundry basket. Every day items can become fun challenges.

Organize a Neighborhood Cook-Off - Hold an old fashioned neighborhood cook-off right in your own backyard. Invite neighbors to bring their best display of summer culinary expertise. Create some judging criteria and design a trophy for the winner. You could even compile everyone’s recipes and print them off as a keepsake for your summer 2011 cook-off.

Create a Backyard Water Park - Have a splash bash in your own back yard. Keep cool by turning on some sprinklers and running through them. Ask neighbors to bring over their inflatable kiddie pools or toys and arrange them in a circle around the yard. If you’ve got some spare party balloons fill them up with water for a fun game. Create your own water slide by laying out a large plastic tarp and spraying it down with the hose. No need to drive to a water park when you can have just as much fun at home for free.

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