DIY Pedicure: Save Money and Look Good in Sandals

Posted on 06/10/2011

Throw in a tip and the average pedicure can cost more than $30 depending on whether you’re going to a strip mall nail salon or a high end spa. Save yourself some cash and still get those little piggies polished up for sandal season with these guidelines for creating the perfect DIY pedicure experience.

Take Off Old Polish - If remnants are hanging around from your last pedicure it’s time to get rid of them. Use an acetone polish remover and a cotton ball to take off old polish. You must start with a clean canvas in order to get a professional look.

Create a Soaking Station - Take the biggest bowl in your kitchen or even a mopping bucket and fill it with warm water. Add in some Revitalizing Foot Soak from Sally Hansen. This is a new product made with soothing lavender oil. Pick it up for $6.42 from and let your tootsies soak for about ten minutes.

Exfoliate Dead Skin - Once you’ve dried off your feet it’s time to buff away dead skin and reveal those soft, gorgeous feet hiding underneath. A pumice stone makes light work of this job and you can pick one up for just a few bucks. sells the Earth Therapeutics Natural Sierra Pumice Stone for just $2.99. Focus mainly on callused areas and your heels but be careful not to rub too hard.

File and Trim - Now it’s time to focus on your nails. Use clippers or a file to even toenails out and shorten them. Go for a square shape over rounded tips because experts say you’re less likely to get ingrown nails.

Moisturize and Relax - Slather on some moisturizer, pull on cotton socks and relax. You can even wrap a heating pad around your feet because the warmth will help the moisturizer penetrate your skin. Crack open a good book or read the latest issue of your favorite magazine while the lotion does its job.

Polish Prep - Now that your feet are soft and smooth it’s time to prep your nails for polish. Crack open the nail polish remover again and wipe any extra moisturizer off your nails. That way the polish will be sure to stick.

Color Away - Start with brushing on a base coat. Let it dry for a few minutes and follow up with your favorite color. Need some new color choices? Pick up a four-pack of mini bottles from for $18. The Havana Nights collection features vivid shades of coral, salsa and blue-green. These are great shades for a summer pedicure and will definitely draw attention to your fancy feet.

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