Where to Look for Summer Work

Posted on 05/10/2011

Experts are predicting a competitive summer job market for those hunting down temporary employment, so if you haven’t started looking, you may want to get to work. According to SnagAJob.com, 55 percent of hiring managers will be adding workers this summer, paying an average of $11 an hour. Need to know where to start? Here are some places that could be hiring for the season.

Jamba Juice - Jamba Juice announced that it will be hiring 2,500 youth this summer as part of the Department of Labor’s Summer Jobs USA Initiative. The jobs will specifically target people ages 16-24 at all of Jamba Juice’s 740 locations around the country.

UPS - UPS says they have 1,500 job openings in 35 states. Most of these positions are entry level and part-time. Plus in most cases you need to be at least 18 years old, but the pay is decent. Salaries run between $8.50 and $9.50 an hour.

Theme Parks - Theme parks experience a huge influx of business during the summer and they need seasonal staff to help make it a magical experience for visitors. For instance, check out the openings at parks like Sea World, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove by visiting careers.worldsofdiscovery.com.

Local Workforce Development Office - Every state has a workforce development office. They offer programs and job listings that are a great fit for teens and young adults. For example, in Massachusetts the governor just pledged $6 million in funding for the state’s Labor and Workforce Development office to pay for 3,000 jobs for youth this summer. Check with your local office to see what they’ve got available for summer employment.

The Department of the Interior - Most young people probably don’t want to be stuck inside all summer. That’s what makes the Department of the Interior a great employer. They’ve got thousands of summer job opportunities where both youth and adults can work in national parks, wildlife refuges, conservation areas and field offices around the country.

Golf Courses - There are plenty of golf courses hiring workers to handle retail sales, offer caddy services and serve customers. For a list of many that are looking to fill open positions check out the United States Department of Labor website.

Local Parks District - Funny thing about summer—the grass seems to grow faster and parks are a hot destination. Head to your local parks department to see if they need extra help during June, July and August. They may be hiring extra workers for their grounds maintenance crews or need a larger staff to handle crowds at public swimming pools.

By Alison Storm

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