Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Are Gas Prices Impacting You?

Posted on 05/12/2011

It’s happened—a gallon of gas will now cost you more than a venti Starbucks latte. Gas prices are up 40 percent from last summer according to the US Energy Information Administration. On average a gallon of regular will run you $3.86. It’s not surprising that the EIA says the average American family will probably spend about $825 more at the pump in 2011 than it did in 2010. So we wanted to know how the increase in gas prices is impact you.


Melissa Lanzourakis-Joens: I ride my bike more to work.

Rusty Stafford: I bought a saddle for my dog.

Jeannie Crofts Evanchan: My husband and I are definitely rethinking some summer travel plans after paying $200 Easter weekend to drive to his parents’ house in Ohio. Can't pay that too often!

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: The higher gas prices go the more I think about it and factor it into purchase decisions. For example I may not drive across town to store that can save me a couple of bucks.

Michelle Miller-Rohen: I have chosen to change careers, as I have worked as a Hotel Sales Manager for the last 6 years. It requires a lot of driving around to meet with current accounts and also to cold call in hopes of gathering more business. I am looking into going to school to become a nurse. (And a school close by!)

Jodee German Moffett: What bothers me about the price of gas going up is it does not just affect how much we drive but it affects the food prices too. I have noticed prices going up on everything... I am a lot more conscious when I decide to go somewhere. And I won't drive all the way across town to just save a couple of dollars at a certain store. You spend that couple dollars in gas just getting there.


@Kellimarks: Not even a little bit. Probably bad, but I only fill up once every 2 weeks, so it doesn't feel that painful. (Yet.)

@Beatingbroke: Monthly costs have increased by about 1/3. Mostly daily required driving for work, so just take it and like it.

@Fraukuech: We try to drive my car whenever we go somewhere together. My little Galant gets much better mpg than his 4runner.

@PresslyM: Not much. I drive little and gas up every other week at Wal-Mart, using a gift card to get 3¢ off per gallon.

@Russelldunkin: I bought a Prius in 2008, so not at all.

By Alison Storm

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