Money Saving Apps that Will Offset the Cost of Your iPhone or iPad

Posted on 05/05/2011

Gadgets are great, except for the fact that they can cost a pretty penny. The good news is there are lots of apps that can help you save money, which may justify the purchase of some new technology. Check out these money saving apps if you’re looking for ways to offset the cost of your new iPhone or iPad.

Gas Buddy - With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon we can all use help saving some money at the pump. The Gas Buddy app gives you a regularly-updated list of prices at nearby gas stations. You can even select which grade of gas you’re looking for.

ShopSavvy - ShopSavvy is a barcode scanning app that gives you a rundown of prices various retailers are selling products for. Scan an item and within seconds you’ll know where you can get the best deal. It also includes other cool features like stores’ price matching policies, maps and customizable shopping lists. For more information check out my recent review of ShopSavvy at

Shopkick - Shopkick is another great app that helps you score savings in stores you likely shop at including Best Buy and American Eagle. Shopkick tells you about coupons and sales happening at stores near you. You can also collect kickbucks by completing various tasks. Once you’ve got a certain number of kickbucks you can trade them in for prizes including gift certificates.

Trip Cubby - If you use your car for work and need to track mileage for tax deductions or reimbursement the Trip Cubby app will be a great resource. Instead of keeping a paper log that can get lost or destroyed, use your iPhone to easily record trips so that you can get every penny back you deserve.

Yard Sale Mapper - Find deals and treasures by scouring yard sales in your area with the help of the Yard Sale Mapper app. It maps yard sales, garage sales and tag sales listed on sites like Craigslist. View details of the sale and get directions right on your phone.

BillMinder 3 - Have you paid a late fee recently for not getting a payment in on time? Then BillMinder 3 could help you save some money. It brings all of your bills into one place so you know in seconds what is due and when. The BillMinder app will also track your expenses using easy-to-read graphs and charts.

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