Free Ways to Advertise Your Charitable Event

Posted on 05/09/2011

Some charities are lucky enough to have the stars of Celebrity Apprentice raking in thousands of dollars in donations for them. But those that don’t have people like Meatloaf, Star Jones or John Rich behind them need other ways to raise money. A great way to help out a charity or cause is by holding a fundraiser. But to be a success fundraisers usually need people to support them and since your advertising budget may be limited, check out these free ways to promote your charitable event.

Put it on Community Calendars - Your local TV news outlets, radio stations and newspapers probably all offer community calendars in some form. Fill out online forms to get your event listed for free. It will take a little leg work, but it won’t cost anything.

Use Public Service Announcements - Write a short 15-30 second public service announcement about your event and the cause it is supporting. Reach out to the community relations manager or public service director of your local radio stations and ask them to help you by broadcasting your PSA.

Create a Facebook Event - Create a Facebook event for the fundraiser and invite all of your friends. They’ll receive the information about your upcoming event and may be more likely to come if they have a personal invitation from you.

Apply for Google for Nonprofits - Google advertising is a great way to raise awareness and increase traffic to your website, but it can be expensive to run an Adwords campaign. Apply to Google’s nonprofit grant program and try to get free advertising for your event. You must be a registered non-profit as well as be a non-religious, non-political group.

Hang Posters - Coffee shops, businesses and restaurants often have bulletin boards full of advertisements featuring upcoming events. Design a small poster on your personal computer with all of the necessary details. Print them off and take them around to high-traffic store fronts. Ask them to help publicize the fundraiser by displaying your poster.

Send Tweets - Use Twitter as a way to get your message out to the masses in your community. Get locals with lots of followers involved by tweeting out details of the event as well. Don’t be shy about asking people to retweet the information because, after all, it’s for a great cause.

By Alison Storm

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